Manifest CRS

At Studio Gohar, we offer functional handmade objects, in unique pieces or small series, on the edge between Art and Design.

We believe in a responsible and sustainable design. A mainly internal production allows us to keep control over the choice and origin of our materials, as well as the processing steps related to their manufacturing, we aim to eradicate all chemical substances that may be harmful. Our craftsmen team helps us realize unique pieces and small series. This team is located within France in order to be able to stay as close as possible to the production process. We pay particular attention to the working conditions of our craftsmen and suppliers as well as the team within the studio.

One of our leitmotiv is to promote and perpetuate the various crafts and their various techniques.

We also choose our materials on the requirements of locality, durability, and ecology. On our material range, you can find natural fabrics such as linen, silk, second-hand coton, French wood, and natural clay. We want to partially subscribe to a circular economy model, allowing to reduce the dependence, known in the textile industry, of non-renewable resources and reducing our waste at the source. This is why we put all of the efforts needed in sourcing mainly responsable materials.

We believe that it is possible to create objects full of stories using what exists near us.