Chapter 1


Gohar’s collections communicate as the chapters of a book. The novel of a fictional life, Gohar’s life, travelling from era to era, from country to country. With the Armenian identity as a common thread.


This story takes place in the Armenian district of Ispahan, Nor Djugha. Gohar and her family live in a modest house made of rammed earth. The facade of the dwelling is simple. But once you push the red wooden door, you enter in a space where History has left its mark over every corner. Each object, carpet, table, seems capable to talk to you about the greatest wonders of the everyday life. Look, on the small table, a bulbous vase sings about the freshness of a summer night on the Sevan Lake. And over there, a red stool is dreaming of afternoons spent at the city’s hammam, floating on the delicate smells of soap and rose water.
Nor Djugha tells the story of the house and its inhabitants through six objects. Each of them is related to a life-story made of simple and pure moments filled of images and evocations.