Our ceramics are all hand-made and hand-painted. We use a various range of natural clays and lead-free slips for our production. The pieces are unique as they are results of craftsmanship. For this reason, you may notice small variations. We use pinching and coiling techniques to create our pieces, this is why they have shape irregularities. Each piece differs in color, decoration details, size, those variations contribute to the uniqueness. 

All the vases, cups and bowls are inside-glazed and can be filled with water. For the vases, fruit-cups, candle-holders, we recommend to dust the pieces delicately. Cups, bowls, plates are glazed and safe for food, we advise you to wash them by hand. As the glaze is hand-painted, you may notice small crackings, cleanings after cleanings, it is totally normal. We do not recommend to put the ceramics in microwave or oven.


Wooden pieces

Our wooden pieces are all hand-made in local factories by French artisans. Engraving, dying and coating are hand-made in our Parisian studio. Every piece require four or six weeks to be produce, we care about details and quality.


Textile pieces

Our textile pieces are all made of natural fibers such as linen, silk and coton. We believe in a responsible and sustainable design. That is why we source our fabrics in Europe or in a second-hand local circuit. The production is handmade either in our Parisian studio or either in France’s based factories.

In order to preserve the pieces, we recommend hand cleaning or dry-cleaning services. Our pieces are safe to iron, we advise you to protect them with a clean fabric.